Watch Leftist Media Talking Heads Figure Out Just How Much Trouble Hillary Clinton Is In


Doesn’t she look great in orange?

“Just how much trouble is she in?”  According to the reporters talking to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on their MSNBC program “Morning Joe,”  that is the question Democrats at the Iowa State Fair were asking over the weekend.  “How serious is this?”  “How bad is it?”

Considering NewsBusters is reporting that CBS and NBC devoted significant time during their broadcasts to discuss the very widening and deepening Hillary Clinton email server scandal, the answer to the question should be obvious.  However, the leftist media is trying to talk themselves into it not being so.

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Is Hillary Clinton using a personal server for State Department business and storing said server with a mom and pop operation with top secret satellite images on it in an unlocked bathroom closet a real story?  Uh, YEAH.  When even sympathetic reporters like Kristen Welker are treated like dirt at a press conference asking the hard questions, it should be obvious even to them that there is fire under all the smoke, and no, this is not a figment of conservative imaginations.

The fact that random people are walking up to alphabet soup network reporters and asking them if Hillary is in trouble is amazingly telling.  It means that the story is getting more reach than her campaign may want, and that the answers they are getting from her are less than satisfactory for them.  (Good.  That means they have standards, even if they are pretty low.)

How much trouble is Hillary in?  A lot.  More than a lot.  People from all angles of the American political landscape are saying it: if anyone else had pulled the stunts she has, we would be talking about how much time she’s getting and in what prison.

Is the campaign in denial?  Until Hillary is in handcuffs, they are going to spin this story like a top.

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