[Watch] Krauthammer’s Take On The Death Penalty For Boston Bomber

Krauthammer - Special Report - Fox News - 11-26-13

Leave it up to Charles Krauthammer to make the one sensible argument against the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man convicted on 30 counts – 17 of which are capital offenses – of federal crimes in the Boston Marathon Bombing two years ago now. Hear Krauthammer out:

As much as conservatives believe in the death penalty, in this particular case, a Muslim successfully attacked the Great Satan and did damage killing. If he were to die at the hands of government officials no matter how justified by the laws of the United States, to the Islamic world the man would be a martyr and celebrated for giving his life.  That would feed the righteous indignation of those coming here to fight the cause.

Being for or against the death penalty is a subjective argument. Justified or not, moral or not, other factors do need to be taken into account. Since containment is an option, Krauthammer’s point should be considered.

“This reminds us, once again, that this is not ordinary crime, it’s not even [an] ordinary enemy; these are people who are irredeemable, Krauthammer said on Special Report. Nonetheless, I personally, generally oppose the death penalty with some exceptions. I would rather not make him a martyr.”

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