WATCH: Judge Napolitano’s Primer And Preview Of Hillary On The Benghazi Hot Seat

Judge Nap Benghazi

Thursday morning, the moment a whole lot of people in the United States have been waiting for is going to commence.  Hillary Clinton, former first lady, Secretary of State and all around challenger for a character in the Broadway smash “Wicked” is going in front of Rep. Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi Committee to explain herself on a whole lot of levels.

Given that we had a preview of how Hillary may well operate on this topic from three years ago, and that the Democrats are holding onto the lifeline of the Benghazi Committee being completely political in order to destroy the Hilldebeast’s chances at moving back into the White House, our libertarian friend, Judge Andrew Napolitano sat down with Martha MacCallum to discuss what we should expect.

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“The Hillary Clinton Show”  Gotta love it.

But the points that the judge makes are absolutely essential.

  • Whoever is questioning Hillary has to be a match for her in the legal and brains department.  Remember, she is a lawyer.  Getting through law school does take smarts.   She might be devious, but she’s not stupid.
  • The committee cannot allow her to take control of the questioning.  She does that.
  • When she made her famous “What difference at this point does it make” ejaculation, she knew a whole lot of things the rest of us didn’t.
  • Trey Gowdy did what all the other committees before his did not: they asked for Ambassador Chris Stevens’ correspondence.  That’s now on the table.

All of this, and probably more, will come into play when Hillary is on the hot seat in the morning.  She will be under oath, so anything she says that she knows is not true is good for yet another felony.

Let’s just hope the grandstanders don’t give Hillary an opening.  Otherwise, dramatic clips that show Hillary in a good light will be played over and over and ridicule the committee’s work as something other than a real investigation.

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