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WATCH Judge Napolitano: Immigration Ruling Against Obama Victory For Rule Of Law

Illegal aliens

Every now and then the good guys win one.  As my colleague Lindsey Bruce told the readers last night, the three judge Federal Appellate Panel in New Orleans issued a permanent injunction against Barack Obama’s Executive Order from last November which essentially granted amnesty to aliens in the United States illegally.

To say this is a HUGE setback to Obama’s plans for the illegals in the country is an understatement.  Everyone’s favorite libertarian former federal judge, Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano, explains why this decision is extraordinary on a number of levels.

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Yes, it is true that we in the United States want Congress to write the laws.  Every now and then an executive order comes down that is livable, so no one really complains on that score, but when it comes to illegal aliens, and the havoc they cause at the state level – especially after last year which prompted half the states to sue the federal government – yeah, the Occupier of the Oval Office shouldn’t be foisting those people on the states.

The truth that Obama and his minions lied to the people who came to the southern border and swam across the Rio Grande cannot be ignored.  At the same time, neither can an appellate court permanently kabashing a president’s political agenda that he tried to ram through the country without having to take the inconvenient step of enlisting Congress’ help. According to our beloved Judge Nap, that almost never happens.

That being the case, the New Orleans appellate court’s action truly was extraordinary and worth celebrating.  There is a way without guns to put a stop to Barack Obama’s lawlessness.  I would be nice if it was not so disruptive and expensive for the states, but if it’s the only way, it’s the only way.

Now, let’s hope the Supreme Court doesn’t take up an appeal.

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