[Watch] Judge Napolitano On The Criminal Justice Difference Between U.S. And France

Among the western governments, the United States is rather unique.  A band of rebels took what was untamed wilderness and carved out what is pretty much the most successful country in the modern centuries.  Aside from the American spirit, part of what maintains our status as such are the laws we revere defending our freedom. They are unlike the laws in many other developed countries, as we still rigorously enforce the right to bear arms and allow free speech as well as the free practice of religion.

France, in contrast, is a much older country with a completely different past.  This week, the eyes of the world are on her as the break from history continues to come to a screeching halt.  That different past, and the reaction to it that is enshrined in French law is partially to blame for the severity of the terrorist attack on a satirical publication that saw twelve people murdered in cold blood.

This week on Fox News’ Special Report, libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano outlined the differences between the two systems:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHDjAHbjkbs]

Following these remarks, the judge also explained that prison sentences in France are considerably lighter for all crime than they are here.  It’s a difference that reflects the culture.  Reports are that the rabble are not happy about the current state of affairs, and wish to head “right” as it were.  France will have to sort out any change to their criminal justice system, but it is increasingly looking like a tightening in law is on the horizon.

The judge’s comments that this is unAmerican and unwestern are worth review.  UnAmerican?  Insofar as we have different systems, yes.  Not western?  Not even.  A result of two hundred years of humanistic socialism?  Absolutely.  Still trying to be the cultural center of the universe?  That too.

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