Watch Greta’s Exchange With Presidential Candidate And Former Druggie John McAfee


I admit when I watched this on Greta, I reached for the remote.  What sort of a demented, drag addled person goes on national television, admits he was once a fugitive, has been arrested for drunk driving and thinks all this experience qualifies him to be president of the USA?  Well, John McAfee, another wacko rich person who doesn’t want to actually reach out and touch the great unwashed masses.  He has another plan.

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Hillary is gracious for having to put up with Bill?  That’s a power partnership, dude.  Not a real marriage.  If he cant see that, there’s still some herbs of essence somewhere in that brain.

The Cyber Party, huh?  Not that Mr. McAfee is wrong about some of the problems and the issues facing government right now, and the fact that the roots of those problems are carefully shielded from the American people, but maybe his help could be used in another capacity.  Say, sponsoring better encryption for government computer systems….  Maybe recommending covert operatives’ information be kept somewhere other than cyberspace?

Some of what Mr. McAfee had to say was of interest to campaign junkies, though.  Won’t be going to Iowa, won’t be shaking hands, won’t be kissing babies…won’t be elected president.  At least Donald Trump is making an effort in that regard.  No, instead we will be treated to fireside chats via satellite connection that could be disturbed by weather, wind, solar flares, or an EMP.

Really, full on derision for John McAfee and his Cyber Party can wait for the release of the party platform whenever that happens.  In the meantime…who goes on national television to announce for president without wearing a coat and tie?  What sort of respect does that show for the office?  At least Ralph Nader extended that courtesy in his day.  And that’s really the place John McAfee takes in the presidential race.  Wackadoodle of the circus.

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