WATCH: Ferguson Shop Owners Lock&Load on 2nd Amendment Rights to Protect Their Store

WATCH as Ferguson Shop Owner’s LOCK & LOAD on some 2nd Amendment Rights to Protect Their Store! [FLASHBACK 1992 L.A. Riot Rooftop 2nd Amendment Right Usage:]


“After being looted two times in the past year, the Ferguson Market and Liquor Store employees decided to take things into their own hands. Armed with shotguns and handguns, the employees stood at the front of the store to ensure that no one could enter. When shots rang out in the middle of a protest on West Florissant Ave., many people ran towards the market, but quickly dispersed when guns were drawn.”
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READ THE COMMENTS: “You people who are not gun owners take notes, its life or death out here. imagine if a black out happens. this is how you will have to live daily. strap up! stock up on ammo and food ! protect your family and yours !!!” Ben Frank 

Knightice765 replied: “As a black man, if Michael Brown came to rob my store and push me around over some cigar, then you better believe I would of use my gun. People are being too soft on these thugs. #FuckBlackLivesMatters until we as black people respect each other as a race. If you going to commit a crime then you better prepare to pay with your life. No one in America is dying because of lack of food and most of the problems are our own doing.”

Orange_is_the_new_Black_2015:Snack Lives Matter”

It seems after last year, shop owner’s have learned, no amount of armored SWAT MRAPs or riot shield wielding PD are going to protect their personal businesses:


‘There are no police’: Ferguson store owners guard businesses; cite lack of police response.Looters in Ferguson, Mo., were met with little police resistance Friday night and store owners say they were forced to protect their businesses with their own guns. -Aug2014

Our Founding Father’s had no way of predicting mass rioting and looting pillaging our nation from within. They had no way of knowing about Obama or Sharpton or Holder or Hillary. They never heard of Saul Alinsky. They didn’t imagine we’d be the greatest nation on earth, they were too busy occupying their time trying to breathe life into a new nation barely holding together after a taxing Revolutionary War. In fact, they had no way of knowing every and any reason to use firearms, or how firearms would advance, or any socio-political debates we are in today. However, our father’s did have foresight to know that free men ought to be armed as a right given by God and no by Government. They knew that Government (which they wanted to remain limited *See the U.S. Constitution for Source*) had no intentions of being a relying force for the populace to lean on for each and every coddling need from birth control to minimum wage to civil protection. The framer’s believed in a rugged individualism. This rugged individualism was the very fabric which built our nation and even today remains crucial to our survival, independence, and sovereignty amongst the world as a great nation. If liberals are right, and these guys are gun-toting loose canons….then what were our Founding Fathers?AmericanGodfather