[Watch] Feminists Need Not Apply: The Five On The Deadliest Jobs In America

Gutfeld deadliest jobs

Woe to the banshees that call themselves the salvation of women – Feminists.  It seems that the REALLY deadly and important jobs are still being done predominately by men.  What are they?  Fishermen, loggers, pilots, extraction workers, iron workers, roofers, and the like.  All jobs and professions that require being in the field, having “the right stuff” in a sense, and a fair amount of brute strength.  No fooling Mother Nature on this.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6JhKkl33XU&w=560&h=315]

Gutfeld is right, without these risk-takers we would be nowhere as a civilization.  As for men being expendable and every woman precious…let’s not get carried away here.  Men are vital for the continuation of the species whether women want to believe it or not.  And frankly some women are not the sorts you want to go shopping with, of the reader catches the drift.  However, it is worth noting that without men doing these dirty and dangerous jobs, they wouldn’t get done, and we would all suffer.

Thanks, guys.  We women who do not have the ability or the strength to do such tasks thank you.

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