[Watch] Elitist Snob Howard Dean Puts Down Scott Walker Over…Evolution?

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When even Joe Scarborough looks at Howard Dean like he’s insane, it is perfectly legitimate to disagree with the elitist snob.  Today’s target in Dean’s cross hairs?  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who is running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, and is currently leading the polls.  Why is this man in Dean’s sights?  Because he didn’t finish college, and doesn’t believe in the theory of evolution.

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Scarborough has a point that many of the people who have really made it in this world famously didn’t finish college.  Bill Gates, of course, is the poster child for this.  In his case, raw determination is what fostered success.  There are many others in all fields – including science before the university system took such ruthless control of research and development – who have perservered without that magic diploma that brands one as “educated.”  (Or indoctrinated depending on where one went to school.)  The idea that one is “ignorant” as opposed to smart when they haven’t finished matriculating, is one that is cold-bloodedly advanced by the academy, to be honest.

This writer has to agree with Joe Scarborough on this one.  That piece of vellum squirreled away in my files that says I spent a lot of money and a lot of time in a classroom to get it, doesn’t do much for me in my daily life. Well, other than the freelance writing class, and Latin and Greek usage in the English language.

What Howard Dean really meant is, Since Walker didn’t finish college, he doesn’t think like those of us who did, and therefore just isn’t going to get how we do things – especially when it comes to Charles Darwin.  (That doesn’t mean he can’t learn and adapt, which college graduates are notorious for not being able to do in some circles.)

What is most interesting for those of us who walk in both worlds, is that the people who firmly believe in the university branding process are some of the most close-minded and, frankly, ignorant people out there.  Many of them are leftist, elitist snobs like Howard Dean.  For all the hours they’ve spent in classrooms, they haven’t spent nearly enough in the library, or learning from experience which is arguably the much better teacher of real life lessons.

As for the evolution vs. religion argument, what the university types forget is that Darwin’s theory is just that.  A theory that has yet to be completely proven for all the sense it makes on one hand.  On the other, as we Catholics learn along side the concepts inherent to the theory, at some point God gave humans souls.  Science can’t explain that.

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