WATCH Donald Trump Handle Chris Matthews On Birther Question


Like him, love him, or think he’s just a loud mouth, we Americans do have to admit that Donald Trump is entertaining.  Even moreso, he doesn’t back down even when he changes his mind.

One thing Trump has maintained when it comes to Barack Obama, the Occupier of the Oval Office, is that he is not a legitimate president not having been born an American citizen.  So far, that sentiment of his has not been a campaign issue at all since Trump keeps throwing actual issue bombs at the national media and the other candidates, but when it comes to this topic, he’s been rather steady.  And MSNBC’s Chris Matthews recognizes that.

That being the case, following the December 15, 2015 CNN debate in Las Vegas, Chris Matthews asked The Donald about the issue:

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“I don’t talk about that anymore.”

In one way, this is a cop out since that issue has been around for years, and Trump is on record saying that Obama is not a legitimate president.  On the other side of the coin, Trump is also right in saying flat out that if he answers that question on whether or not he still maintains this concept in his heart of hearts – remember, the man didn’t make billions by being a dumb sloth – that would be all the national media would talk about for days.  Every other issue would get buried.  What was impressive was that Trump didn’t jump to the bait Chrissy Matthews dangled before him.  He resisted temptation, and gave the real issues that face us as Americans a chance to be discussed in the manner in which they need to be hashed out before choosing Obama’s successor.

This sparring match is not everyone’s cup of tea, but good for Trump for not giving in and making Chris Matthews’ day.

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