WATCH: Dog Sings Along With Islamic Call To Prayer

Dog sings

In the spirit of the Monty Python guys who didn’t make fun of Jesus Christ and His time on earth, but the insanity of what was going on around Him, we should all enjoy when natural acts of dogs, music, and Islam collide.  Hence, this little video that comes to us a little late (it’s five years old) from Albania.  Or somewhere over there.  The origins aren’t all that clear, not that it matters. It seems that five times a day, the muslim call to prayer gets blasted over loud speakers and the neighborhood canines like to sing along.  (This is better than when the cute and charming tyrants that rule my house critique my Queen of the Night, five high Fs and all.)

[iframe id=”” mode=”normal”]

This is but one duet of the unlikely pairing.  After all, technically speaking the Call to Prayer is not music.  In Islam that is outlawed.  So are dogs, for that matter.  This poor guy is probably protesting being subjected to the sound of his doom if the muslims get their way five times a day.  And who can blame him?

Keep in mind, America, this is our fate if Obama and the rest of his prom court get their way.  Canine choruses around the country will be singing along to the sound of Imams blasting that chant over loud speakers.  To be honest, one of my cute and charming tyrants has a better voice.

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