Watch The Dark And Depressing PSA You Probably Didn’t See During the Superbowl

If there is any one thing that just about everyone knows about the Superbowl is that the commercials and public service announcements are memorable, and often air only once.  2015 was no exception with the country buzzing about the darkness of the Nationwide commercial.

However, the St. Louis market managed to surpass that darkness.  The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (NCADA), based in the city, produced a one minute PSA that was only aired on KSDK, the St. Louis NBC affiliate.  Due to its impact, the ad is making national headlines in Sports Illustrated, The Huffington Post, and Esquire – among other publications – for its disturbing message: beware of heroin addiction.  Watch:


The ad was produced locally using St. Louis area talent.  (See for the production company and actors.)  The purpose according to the NCADA was to raise awareness of the prevalence of heroin addiction, particularly in the St. Louis area where over 2,000 people have died of overdoses in the last eight years.

While just a scene where a mother finds her child dead from an overdose, what has garnered much criticism is the tune that accompanies the spot.  It might be lighthearted, and in arguable taste, but the lyrics are not.  They are downright honest.  Because of the controversy in airing such a PSA, there is much discussion today on the subject of addiction.  If that was the true goal, congratulations to the NCADA.  Mission accomplished.

To read the open letter from Howard Weissman, Executive Director of NCADA on the controversy, visit their website.

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