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Watch Compilation Of Hillary Clinton Lies To Benghazi Committee

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On October 22, when Hillary Clinton sat in front of the Special Committee on Benghazi and gave the political performance of a lifetime, she lied through her teeth about all sorts of things.  We all know it, and the people at the Washington Free Beacon were kind enough to put together a SuperCuts on just what she lied about.

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Mrs. Clinton, for the length of time she’s been in the national spotlight, seems to forget that internet video, like a diamond, is forever.  Did she honestly think that the record of her misdeeds was going to vanish?  Did she think that all the tranches of her emails having been read by reporters and interested voters alike were going to magically demonstrate that to which she testified when many of them contradicted her statements under oath?

Not that any of this is going to make much of a difference.  At this point, there are claims that Hillary is just too big to jail.  She’s less teflon than slimy, from a non-stick perspective. But really, adding outright perjury to her list of crimes was pretty obvious for just about anyone who tried to stay abreast of the Hillary server and email scandal.

Now the question is, will the Obama Justice Department actually indict her.  Don’t bother holding breath or going on a hunger strike over this.  All a person who does this is going to do is kill him or herself.

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