Watch CNN Dude Embarrass Himself At The Iowa State Fair

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Screen shot from Daily Caller

When it comes to presidential politics in the United States, attending the Iowa State Fair the year before the election in question is a “must do.”  As in mow the lawn and shovel the snow “must do.”  So, one by one, the 17 Republican candidates for president are headed to Iowa, the state that likes to claim a folksy attitude, and soaks up the spotlight every four years having set their caucus so early.

Well, seeing as how state fairs are not all that much en vogue these days, one CNN reporter thought he would be helpful and do a little piece on How NOT to Embarrass Yourself at the Iowa State Fair.  Result: he embarrassed himself.

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What, does the man think the candidates should have a corn dog eating contest just for the video that can be pulled out next year when things get hot and heavy of the Republican contender chowing down on phallic-like food?  Oh, yeah, that’s mature.

So, now that the all important end of summer Iowa State Fair is upon us, we the people who are trying to parse through all the characters running for president will be treated to the inverse of the usual scene of discomfort: people who tend to stick to coastal urban areas shaking hands with people who live in a state where the most celebrated export is corn.

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