[Watch] Chris Matthews vs. Harf: Should We Try To Stop ISIS By Offering Poor Muslims Jobs

Memo to Marie Harf: when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Obama’s main man and water boy looks at you like you are insane in your suggestions of how to stop ISIS, you’re probably REALLY on road to nowhere.

Going along with the theory that every now and then a squirrel finds a good nut, and that stop clocks ARE correct twice a day, Chris Matthews took on the herculean task of trying to explain to the State Department’s house bubble-head, Marie Harf, that the usual liberal bag of tricks for placating restless youths just isn’t going to work to stop ISIS recruiting fighters by the thousands from western nations.  Watch:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-dNXTschUc&w=560&h=315]

When Chris Matthews is making more sense than his debating partner, check the thermostat in hell.  (Who knows this week that might be in the midwest.)  We can’t kill our way out of this war?  Who is she kidding?  We need to go after root causes of what prompts young people to join movements?  Seriously, we might want to start with telling the truth about religion.  That would do more to stop the flow of fresh fighters into the Middle East over the long term than anything else.

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