SMH! Watch What This Thug Protester Did To a Police Officer in Chicago Last Night (Video)

in yo face



This makes me sick.  Race baiters and the liberal media have fanned the flames of racism so much that every ghetto in America is about to burn down. First, let me start off by saying that I think it was right for Officer Jason Van Dyke to be charged for shooting Laquan McDonald and I haven’t heard a single person say otherwise. But Officer Van Dyke is being held accountable for his actions! What more do you want?

The hypocrisy from these protesters is outstanding! Over 4,000 people, mostly black, were shot in Chicago this year! Why don’t we see protests like this when that happens? A 9 year old child was recently shot and killed in Chicago. Did you hear any catchy chants created for him? Did you see any highways being blocked for HIS black life?

The facts in no way support what the hate group “Black Lives Matter” is claiming, yet their obnoxious and sometimes criminal behavior goes unchallenged. I have NEVER seen the kind of disrespect for the men and women who protect us as I have seen over the last few years.

When you speak the truth, you are labeled a racist. For example, I will be called a racist for pointing out that…

  1. EVERY one of these cases could have been avoided by simply listening to the police
  2. In nearly every one of these shootings, the black male is high. It is no different in this case, Laquan McDonald was on PCP.
  3. every one of these families get rich off of these shootings, even when they are deemed justified by the court of law.
  4. 91% of crimes in Chicago are committed by African Americans and Hispanics!

So here is a crazy idea, STOP BREAKING THE LAW! Unjustified Police shootings are extremely rare. According to FBI stats 99.9% of arrests do NOT end in shooting deaths. What isn’t rare is the overwhelming amount of criminal activity in the black community. If you want to change the way you are viewed by society, change THAT behavior first!

Watch the extreme disrespect shown to Chicago police below.


Here is another video of this loser getting in the face of a female officer while asking her to punch him. If she doesn’t someone needs to!