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WATCH Blast From The 70’s: “As God Is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly”


The news has been so crappy lately, you all out there need some comic relief.

Back in the day before cable and clickers, when Dad actually had to get off of the couch to flip channels, there was this brilliant television show named “WKRP in Cincinnati” about a radio station in River City and the the trials and tribulations of the staff who all belonged in different decades.  It was so brilliant a lot of people at the time had no idea just how brilliant it was.

On one fateful night in November 1978ish, we in the heartland were watching this program, as my late Grandma called tv shows, and witnessed television history…not that we knew it at the time:

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“Oh, The Humanity” ~Les Nesman

This clip remains in the annals of television history as one of the most understated and hilarious moments, particularly for people who actually have experience with domesticated turkeys.  The buggers are the closest the animal kingdom has come to a living and breathing crop, and, no, they don’t fly.  (My Grandma’s father used to raise them.  There is no affection in the Limits clan for live turkeys.)

So, this has been your #BlackLivesMatter, ISIS, climate change, and all other bad news comic relief moment.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Not too many carbs all in one sitting.

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