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age of anger

Americans are up in arms, and angry.  This is no great secret.  Bill O’Reilly, on his show last night called this nationwide groundswell “The Age of Anger.”  Right now, the main target, after years of the mainstream media fanning a lot of flames and pushing agendas for readership, and “the little people” being stepped on by everyone including the dog catcher to get ahead, is the government.  After all, we the people do elect representatives to do our business only to have them wined, dined and otherwise courted by monied interests looking to further line their own pockets, and feather their nests.  In the end, THOSE entities (they may not even be American) are the ones that get their way.

Anger permiates from the American psyche right now.  Why?  O’Reilly was kind enough to put together a compilation of ideas of why this is so and the consequences the political class is paying for pissing off the electorate.

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What Bill O’Reilly describes when it comes to trying to get politicians to man up and stop Obama is an aspect of American culture, well, human existence, really, that demands people in charge DO SOMETHING when a problem surfaces.  Americans are doers, even those who do not pay attention to politics until about ten minutes before they head to the polls.  What we conservatives out on the fruited plain see is a bunch of people making six figure salaries to do nothing, and perpetuate gridlock.  (Really, gridlock is better than what Obama wants to do to us, but patience is wearing thin. After all patience itself is not a great American virtue.)

What the leftist featherheads see is that white conservatives are angry for all the wrong reasons.  What they are wrong about is the anger does not stem from seeing people come into the country legally and fully ready to embrace the country and the culture no matter their race or religion.  No, it is that leadership is not defending those of us who are already here by keeping out the people who want to kill us, and looking out for our best interests in international negotiations.  We are past the age of rioting when immigrants are different from us (even if there is one acceptable prejudice left – and it is against a specific religious branch).  Ours is an ugly history when it comes to this, but really, when left to our own devices without flame throwing and public opinion shaping propaganda disguised as “news” generally, Americans can work things out for themselves.

O’Reilly is correct about one thing.  The age of anger is a result of the age of political correctness.  Political correctness is getting people killed, and the people are angry about that.  We are looking for someone to lead us away from that.  Someone who is a straight shooter.  The big problem is that the people who have stepped forward to fill that void are less than palatable to the majority of the country.  And that is a lesson the political class refuses to learn.

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