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WATCH Bill Hemmer Rip Apart Barack Obama’s Monday G20 Speech And Presser

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Let’s face it, Fox News’ Bill Hemmer – and Bret Baier for that matter – are really nice, laid back all-American guys who expect a lot of themselves and work very hard to prove they belong in their respective anchor seats.  That made this exchange all the more shocking on Monday morning while America was otherwise on its week starting commute and race through email that built up while we were raking leaves:

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Disappointment and disbelief are not the modifiers to use describing this concise assessment of Barack Obama’s words.  Disgust and anger are a lot closer, and who can blame Hemmer and Baier.  It is, after all, the way a good many Americans feel and think on the same topic without the benefit of having interacted with active, injured and retired military on the subject of ISIS.  The terrorist attacks in Paris were “a setback”?  Is Obama kidding?

Yes, there is evil in this world, and by no means is this conflict over until ISIS has been defeated.  But there is no way to do it without getting our combat boots dirty.  And there is no way to defeat evil without identifying it and calling it what it is point blank.  There is also no way to do it without admitting that everything we’ve been told we should understand about the enemy is plain and simply not true.  The retired generals and other security experts who serve as commentators to “analyse” or tear apart just about everything this administration is up to assure us that that is the case.  Even the Director of the CIA, a man not accused as being all that patriotic of an American when it comes to Islam, says that it is only a matter of time before such attacks happen in the United States.

And we have a wet noodle for a leader.  Someone who might well have the Marines roll out the red carpet for those who hate us rather than carpet bomb them into oblivion.

God Bless Bill Hemmer for his take on Obama’s G20 speech and presser on Monday.  Yes, we in the heartland are beyond disappointed.  At this point, we’re disgusted.  Just like he is.

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