WATCH: Ben Shapiro Delivers A Reality Check On Radical Islam


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How many followers of Islam are radicalized or exhibit the traits of “Islamic extremism.”  That’s the million dollar question to which just about everyone wants to know the answer.  It probably depends on what viewpoints constitute “radical” in one’s opinion, but let’s just start with installing Sharia Law, suicide bombings, and honor killings of women.  Mr. Shapiro gives us the numbers:

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And this was BEFORE the Syrian migration, the terrorist attacks in both Paris and San Bernardino, and the revelations of the last two months of just how vast the jihadi networks and training programs in this country and others are.  All Shapiro was talking about in this video was poll numbers, opinions, not actual actions.

This reality check does need to be updated, and the numbers expanded, because undoubtedly, there will be countless more followers of the “religion of peace” that justifies murder, stealing, lying and a whole lot more in the name of God against those who do not believe.

Writer’s note related to Mr. Shapiro’s Orthodox Judaism: This writer is Catholic.  Jews read the Old Testament.  We Christians read both Old and New.  There is plenty of violence in the full Bible.  Every Holy Week, Catholics read two Passions, one from the Gospel According to St. John, and the one from whichever of the Synoptic years we are currently using (2016 will be Luke).  Not much is more violent than what happened to Christ.  (The Gospels are sketchy on the truly gory details.)  But He took the punishment even if it was not His to take.  Not only that, the only time, Jesus did go for a whip it was to drive the merchants out of the temple, and no one died.  As a rule, Christians and Jews do not just take up arms against members of other faiths without cause.  Yes, it’s a deep thought, but one that needs consideration before classifying Islam as “a religion of peace.”

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