Watch A Couple Middle Aged White Guys Call Out Obama On His Racism

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Mark Dice has made a name for himself finding everyday people walking along the beach and the streets of San Diego and asking them Civics 101 questions that they cannot answer, or collecting opinions on completely outrageous premises.

Well, Dice’s latest video features two white haired, angry white men standing on the side of the road holding up signs that say “White Lives Matter”.  Listen to what they have to say.

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No guilt, no shame, no changing the fact that all lives matter, not just black lives.  (And Mark, it was Martin O’Malley who got booed for saying all lives matter.)

It would be nice if the race card was actually dead and if Obama would be impeached, but like the gentleman said, he’s been hiding behind his skin color.

Pass this on, if you agree with these guys.

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