[Watch] 9-Year Old SLAMS High Stress Standardized Tests


Let’s admit it: we all hated standardized testing in school.  No. 2 pencils were required, and the soft lead was really messy and smeared.  There were all those bubbles to fill in, and we had to stay inside the lines.  Sometimes the multiple choice answers were not different enough to really make a good decision.  For those of us with learning disabilities related to reading (that, of course, went undiagnosed because we “just weren’t trying hard enough”) never really finished some segments.  And then there was all that silence.  Why?  So that we could find out how we rank against the rest of the country among people our own age, of course.  Like we were just numbers.

Well, one fourth grader, Sidney Smoot who lives in Hernando County in Florida, had quite a bit to say about the dreaded standardized tests that all American kids love to hate, in this case the Florida Standards Assessment Test.  Listen:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogBuz4dU5Ew&w=560&h=315]

Miss Smoot did get help from her mother in writing the speech, but her main points are valid: kids are not numbers, and testing is not doing any good when it does not accurately assess what kids are learning in school.  Another pet peeve for a lot of parents is that teachers spend so much time “teaching to the test” that the “extras” get eliminated.  But what was most disturbing was this:

First of all, I do not feel good about a form on the FSA that you have to sign assuring that you can’t even discuss the test with your parents. I am not comfortable signing something like this. I have the right to talk to my parents about any and everything related to school and my education.

This plain and simply should not be.  Parents are still parents and their children are theirs, not the state’s.  The message was more effective coming from the child rather than her mother, that’s for sure.

For a partial transcript of Miss Smoot’s standing o speech, visit Fox News Insider.

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