Was Hillary Clinton’s Email Server REALLY Stored In A Bathroom?

epa04879572 2016 US Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, addresses the media following a town hall meeting in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA, 10 August 2015. EPA/CJ GUNTHER

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Thanks to the Daily Mail (why is it European publications get better scoops than American ones) we now know some more details about Platte River Networks, the company that turned over the old Hillary Clinton email server to the FBI last week.  It seems that the storage closet – at least at the Denver facility – was really in a bathroom.  (Where have we heard this in relation to the Clintons before?)

The Daily Mail is reporting:

  • The company is a mom and pop sort of place that does not have the security necessary to keep anything with national security level data secure, according to an ex-employee.
  • When Hillary entrusted the server to Platte River, the server racks were quite literally in a bathroom closet.
  • David DeCamillis, Platt River’s Vice President, offered his house to Joe Biden for the duration of the 2008 Democratic Party Convention.
  • Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was once a client of Platte River.

Daily Mail Online spoke to former employees of the firm, including Tera Dadiotis, who was a customer relations consultant between 2007 and 2010.

Describing it as ‘a great place to work, but kind of like a mom and pop shop’, Tera reacted with disbelief that her former company was hired to manage the email system of Democratic juggernaut Hilary Clinton.

Speaking to Daily Mail Online at her home in Castle Rock, Colorado, Tera said: ‘I think it’s really bizarre, I don’t know how that relationship evolved.

‘At the time I worked for them they wouldn’t have been equipped to work for Hilary Clinton because I don’t think they had the resources, they were based out of a loft, so [it was] not very high security, we didn’t even have an alarm.

‘I don’t know how they run their operation now, but we literally had our server racks in the bathroom. I mean knowing how small Platte River Networks… I don’t see how that would be secure [enough for Clinton].’

Granted, this woman left the company before the contract was drawn up with the Clintons, but it does not sound like Platte River had security even as strong as a storage unit let alone the mountain at NORAD.  Platte River did upgrade to a larger space this year, however, the server had been with them since 2013 – and when the FBI picked it up last Wednesday, they did so in New Jersey.  How did that happen, and was it another third party arrangement?

There is much speculation on how a home brew, mom and pop, Denver area operation got a lucrative contract with the Clintons, much of it having to do with connections within the Democratic Party.  But, the reality is the server itself, that may well still have some magnetic record of emails with top secret information as identified by our own security personnel, could well have been plopped in a bathroom closet next to the toilet paper and the Ty-D-Bowl brush.

That wasn’t the kind of clean we Americans were hoping for.

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