[Video] Marine’s Challenge? The Thin Blue Line! Which Side Do You Stand On America?

image                                                                                     There is more good in this world than bad. This holds true in religion, skin color, and the careers we choose. Police officers are no different because they are human like us and make mistakes. They never hear thank you enough, but still protect our kids while leaving theirs at home. I agree a few should choose different careers just like so many politicians in Washington. The media has made a choice to show the world what we are not! We are not the cowards preaching hate blaming the world for misgivings. We are the people who love our country, its constitution, and stand with our men and women of law enforcement.

So many have thanked me for my service and I invite all in the world to give thanks to those who protect us from within. I invite each of you to join me in this demonstration and ask each of you to thank a cop. Approach a police officer from the front and thank him or her for their service. If they will allow it to take a picture with them and send it in to our page. All pictures of support for the people who give their lives for this country are welcome. Please be a part and show the world what we are not. Join me in giving thanks and showing there is better in this world than bad. This is my invite to the world to include anyone in Washington. Please like our page here and start sending in those pics . God bless each of you and all each of you love, Shep