Vicente Fox To Migrants: COME BACK, MEXICO NEEDS YOU!

Vicente Fox 2015

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Now that the Mexican people with get up and go got up and got out, crossing the Rio Grande and invading the southwestern United States like they own the place, there is a call from former Mexican President Vicente Fox for these people to come home.

“We are building the opportunities in Mexico. We work hard to have jobs for them. We want them back. We need them back,” said Fox during an appearance on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics on Sunday.

And for the most part, Americans would not be loathe to part with them even if the guys at the local Mexican joint are a blast to hang out with, and the hotel industry would have a hard time surviving without them.  After all, there is no place like home…the only problem is getting Americans to do the same sort of work at rock bottom prices.  Well, the dirty jobs, anyway, that a source tells this writer really is the case in the poultry industry.

Right now, though, former Presidente Fox is asking Mexican nationals to repatriate for the good of that nation.  He sees the United States and Mexico as partners, not adversaries, and seems to be making this bid in an effort to mend the porous fence rather than egg the USA on to building a gigantic one with reinforced concrete and razor wire.

The former president said Mexico and the United States should be building bridges rather than walls.

“We are partners — the U.S., Mexico and Canada. We trade close to a trillion U.S. dollars every year,” he explained. “Building bridges is most important. At the very end, we have to meet the challenge of the East. The East is growing fast. The East is getting powerful.”

Simply due to proximity, the two countries are best off to find a way to get along.  However, given the mention of Canada in Senor Fox’s sentiment…NAFTA.  A real wall would jeopardize that.

At any rate, it is interesting that the reports are currently conflicting as to whether there is a migration into or out of the U.S.  Some say Mexicans are headed back over the border, others are reporting tens of thousands of children arriving monthly.

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