US Media Did Not Fully Explain: Disneyland Bound Islamist And A Hinky Public Profile


Disneyland became the story, when the reality was something different.

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“Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life.
It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father;
my family against my cousins and the clan;
the clan against the tribe;
and the tribe against the world
and all of us against the infidel.”

Leon Uris, ‘The Haj’

Earlier in the week, an in-law type relative a few times removed from this writer and really stuck in childhood being married to a cousin who lives and dies via Comic Con, took the U.S. government to task via social media for revoking the visa for a British man and his clan, muslim apparently, who were supposedly flying into California to meet up with some relatives and head to Disneyland, among other tourist sites on the left coast.  As per usual when it comes to stories of visas being revoked and the immediate guilt-laying when the big, bad American government not letting muslims into the country is involved, the story became all about this man who just wanted to come to the U.S. and take his kids to Disney.

(They’d be better off at LegoLand, but being an American, that supposedly is sacrilege.)

Well, as the British Daily Mail has reported, there’s more to this than just revoking visiting privileges because a man is muslim, and might be being profiled.  It seems that there is a Facebook account somehow connected to this man’s street address and bearing the name of his son that claims job titles “as supervisor at Taliban and leader at al-Qaeda.”  What does this man, Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, a strapping, muscular 41 year old who owns a gym in the London vicinity, have to say about this?

‘That could be anything, maybe a mistake.’

He said: ‘It is not my son’s Facebook page. It has a similar name, but not the same as my son’s.

‘The page is also linked to our home address and that could be coincidence. I don’t know why it is linked there. The name is not even the same. The authorities must have linked it simply because of the name Hamza.’

…Or your street address.  Then there’s the matter of the relatives you are going to visit.  Via Breitbart:

It has now been revealed that his relative in California, Mohammad Mahmood, prayed at the same mosque as U.S. born terrorist Syed Farook and his Pakistani born wife Tafsheen – believed to be the Tablighi-Jamaat run Dar Al Uloom Islamiyah mosque.

The mosque – linked to the “Army of Darkness” group Tablighi Jamaat which itself has historical, indirect links to multiple terrorism cases – became the centre of the investigation surrounding the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, with Breitbart Newsreported from the scene early in December, revealing an extraordinary refusal of the mosque’s elders to co-operate with journalists.

Mr. Mahmood (the relative) is a U.S. citizen who runs an auto repair shop in San Bernardino. He told the BBC that he “did not know him [Syed Farook] personally” and would not have recognised the terrorist and could not recall ever speaking to him.

Then there’s a few other details that got left out of the itinerary of this U.S. media guilt trip:

  • Mahmood was traveling with his brother and their children.  Neither wife was along, and the reasons why are not definite.
  • One of Mahmood’s children was left behind due to not having a valid passport, and another was supposedly ill.  That may be why his wife wasn’t on the trip, but it has been reported that she may well have been in Pakistan at the time.  All reports on this are fuzzy.
  • The brother was denied entry to Israel eight years ago.  No satisfactory explanation was given as to why, according to Mahmood.

None of this other than the Facebook page that may well have been a smart-aleck of a teenager thinking that he’s being funny, or a plant, adds up to revoking a visa necessarily.

Really, though, there was the manner in how it was done to be considered.  Mahmood went through the online process of applying for entry, and it was granted with no message from the U.S. to the contrary, no letter of regret, no apology, but a simple “U.S. Homeland Security says you can’t fly there” at the gate.  Many times, visas are not granted much earlier in the process.  Computers didn’t flag his name before he tried to fly on December 15th.  According to a British border control agent, Mahmood was stopped due to a phone call from Homeland Security.  Either the application process isn’t hooked into the no-fly list, or something happened in the interim.

All of the fuzziness in this affair has led to charges of profiling, prejudice and racism on the part of the U.S. government.  Given the emphasis on not profiling from Homeland Security and the TSA, and the loss of privacy rights for actual American citizens in the U.S. itself in order to avoid the APPEARANCE of profiling, etc., Americans with a decent grip on reality will lower their glasses and give anyone making that ridiculous claim a withering glare.  Something hinky is going on.  Whether it is the U.S. government playing games (doubtful, since “no-fly” people get into the country all the time) or Mahmood isn’t telling the whole story. Given the track record of muslims that is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Daily Mail, and a number of other reports are placing the blame for this incident on the shoulders of Donald Trump for suggesting that the U.S. place a moratorium on allowing muslims into the country.  Such a ban would really be until the vetting process was straightened out, but that part always gets forgotten.  Thanks to this sentiment that is gaining traction here in the U.S. – a place on high alert given recent events in terror – people like Mahmood are now going on television in the countries where they reside and are denouncing us for being safe rather than sorry.

And all because there is a Facebook account bearing Mahmood’s address, with job titles that are definite red flags even if they are faked.  Now, if the media would just report that.

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