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UNREAL Watch Mark Dice Collect Signatures To Rename Washington, D.C. (It’s Racist)

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It is too early to start drinking?  Our beloved Mark Dice is at it again.  Yes, the California trickster took to the streets somewhere out there and asked people on the sidewalks if they would be willing to put their signatures on a petition to rename Washington, D.C., since it’s named for a slave holder and all, and since it’s just not a “safe space”.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/oBbpvMmWaWM” mode=”normal”]

Note to Mark Dice from C.L.: uh, lose the wife-beater, please.  Sleeves.  Visualize sleeves.

Obama, D.C.?  We can’t let Foggy Bottom return to its roots and just rename the place “Swampiland” or Weedsville?  Even Beaverdam would be better than Obama, D.C.  After all, a family of beavers did their best to destroy the cherry blossom trees.  The place is quite honestly a swamp – and I’m not just talking about its inhabitants.  Pierre L’Enfant and the gang that built the city drained a swamp to put it there.  Hence why the lowland fogs in so often.

As for George Washington, General of the Continental Army that won the USA her freedom from the Crown of England and who turned down the title of “King of America,” he was the only of the Founding Fathers to struggle so deeply with slavery, that his wife freed his slaves rather than fulfill his wishes that they be freed upon her death.  In fact, Washington very much wanted slavery to be abolished.  That the people do not know this, is a failure of American education.

So, no renaming Washington, D.C., this week.  Maybe another time.  And, please, not Obamaville.

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