Unarmed White Student Shot By BLACK Cop! Where is the Media?!




Gilbert Collar


An analysis done in April, 2015 contradicts the notion that more blacks than whites are killed by the police.  The facts are that more white people died at the hands of law enforcement than blacks in the last two years.

Outrage has surged this year as a handful of blacks were killed by police.  If they would have followed the commands given by the law officers, we wouldn’t be talking about these deaths.  In each incident there is a refusal by the black men to either drop your knife, stop running, put your hands behind your back, drop your weapon or stop the car.  None of these men listened and now they’re dead.  Their families are rich related to lawsuits against police and riots are rampant by crowds like “Black Lives Matter” and shouts of police bias. The family of Laquan McDonald alone received 5 million for the death of their son.

This summer it’s the same old same old and I’m onto the game.  Did anyone hear about the black cop who shot Gilbert Collar, a white 18 year old student at South Alabama this spring?  He was shot as he laid on the ground naked, unarmed and high on dope?  Trevas Austin, the black cop was cleared of wrongdoing by the Alabama grand jury and the Collar family are filing a lawsuit against him.

What of the black man that raped a pregnant wife of a preacher after breaking into her home?  Not as much attention given by the media to these cases as the media gave to Freddy Gray, Micheal Brown, Trayvon Martin, and the recent McDonald shooting.   All summer long it was racist people calling out racism against our brave men and women in blue.  The media is the one putting gasoline on the fire of racial tension, they know it too, especially CNN and MSNBC.  They fuel the fires for their own agenda.

Wait until ISIS kills a few black men for no reason, who’s going to pick up the heads and watch them roll?  Black Lives Matter?  I don’t think so. American Lives Matter!  People need to stop creating chaos and come together.  Ever since Obama held office, racism is more prevalent in the past four years than ever.  Yes, more whites are killed than blacks these days but minority deaths generate the most outrage.


Source:  Washington Times