UN Report Paints Harrowing Picture Of ISIS Child Abuse, Including Crucifixion, Sex Slavery, Mental Torture


In one of the most damning documents to date that gives some quantitative data to the reports that ISIS-ISIL-IS is wholesale committing human rights abuses, the United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of the Child leaves no doubt that Islamic terrorists are serial pedophiliacs and show no mercy or remorse to the greatest resource of any society.

The U.N. body, which reviewed Iraq’s record for the first time since 1998, denounced “the systematic killing of children belonging to religious and ethnic minorities by the so-called ISIL, including several cases of mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children and burying children alive”.

Quoting directly from the data portion of the Iraq section for January 1-31, 2015, the Committee is deeply concerned:

  • that schools and recreational areas, as well as hospitals, are frequently subjected to targeted attacks. The Committee is furthermore appalled by the executions of teachers and health personnel by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and notes that for several years several different non-State armed forces were occupying schools, particularly in rural areas.
  • by the systematic sexual violence committed against children, especially children from minorities, by the so-called ISIL, in particular the abduction and sexual enslavement of children.
  • about reports indicating children’s involvement in the Awakening Councils, which operate under the control of the Ministry of Defense. The Committee is also concerned about reports that underage boys have been recruited by the Awakening Councils under fake identification cards and used to man checkpoints in areas outside Baghdad and that the State party has taken insufficient measures to address this issue.
  • about the lack of any safeguards to prevent the recruitment of children by armed groups. The Committee is also concerned that measures to address the leading factors of the involvement of children in armed conflict, notably poverty, lack of education and of economic opportunities, as well as discrimination towards some ethnic and religious minorities, have proven  insufficient over the past years.
  • while noting with appreciation that human rights education is included in the curricula of primary and secondary schools, expresses concern that peace education is absent from the school curricula.
  • that there is still no prohibition of the involvement of children in armed conflict.

Emphasis from this writer.  And those are just the complaints in relation to the government of Iraq, whatever is left of it.  There is contained within the report, buried in a website that seriously needs updating, a litany of child abuses specifically pertaining to ISIL and Al Qaeda:

…about the large number of children recruited by non-State armed groups, in particular by the so-called ISIL and Al Qaida in Iraq, especially children in vulnerable situations such as refugee children, children with disabilities, children who have lost their parents, children in street situations, and children from Syria and Turkey, as well as from other States, who enter the State party via the Turkish border. The Committee expresses its deepest concern about:

(a)     Children being used as suicide bombers, including children with disabilities or who were sold to armed groups by their families;

(b)     Children being used as human shields in order to protect the ISIL facilities from airstrikes, and being frequently forced to witness brutal acts of torture and killing;

(c)     Children being used as informants, for manning checkpoints, or as bomb makers for armed groups, in order to support their families as well as some recruited children being trained in kidnapping;

(d)     Children as young as 12 or 13 undergoing military training organized in Mosul by the so-called ISIL, which is reportedly also giving children the responsibility to guard and arrest individuals;

(e)     Pressure on children, particularly boys, who have fled Syria to return to Syria to fight with the Free Syrian Army (FSA); and

(f)            Children recruited by militias supported by the government.


There is additional information regarding the lack of psychological services for children who have witnesses such abuses and suffer mental trauma, the lack of hygiene for prisoners, and much more.

In addition to the concluding comments listed above, a Buzzfeed article offers this array of atrocities as well:

• ISIS has beheaded and crucified children.

• Children have been buried alive.

• There have been “several cases of mass executions of boys.”

• Militants have attached price tags to women and children, then sold them as sex slaves in “markets.”

• Children have been sexually assaulted in makeshift prisons.

• Parents have been forced to give up their children to ISIS or watch them die.

While it is very easy for the people of a powerful nation with the largest standing military in the world to scoff at a UN report, at least these atrocities, war crimes, human rights abuses, man’s inhumanity to man – call it what you will – are on record by a non-government body that does not have the best interests of that country (that would be the USA) at heart.  Trust in that body may well be misplaced as it, like the Vatican, has no troops of its own and relies on sovereign nations for them.  However, the point here is to document the human rights violations that the rest of the world condemns.  That they have done.

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