UN In Paris: Climate Change Conference MUST GO ON, Rebuke Terrorists


Talk about hot air.  A plume of the noxious gas is building over Paris where the United Nations STILL plans to hold the long hyped up Climate Change Conference that really doesn’t have much to do with the actual climate, and a whole lot to do with transferring American wealth to other nations…and to some already really rich people.

After the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamists in Paris earlier in the month, questions were asked as to the status of the 2015 climate change show, uh, conference, and word from all quarters of the developed world, and the United Nations is: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  Why?  Well, to stop terrorism, of course.

“What powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children,” [Barack] Obama said on Tuesday, with [French President Francois] Hollande at his side….

“There may be even more awareness of how important it is to address climate change, given the impact of climate change on the stability of countries,” said Dutch climate envoy Michel Rentenaar.

Liquor, guns, and ammo, apparently, have nothing to do with the stability of countries.  No, it’s all about the weather.

Researchers and military officials have long stressed the link between climate change and security. The Pentagon noted in a report last year that climate impacts could exacerbate challenges to stability such as infectious diseases and poverty.

Some researchers have even drawn a connection between climate change and the Syrian conflict, saying an extended drought led to social unrest that triggered an uprising against authoritarian President Bashar Assad. The ensuing civil war has forced millions of Syrians to flee the country and fueled the rise of extremist groups like the Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for the gun and bomb massacres in Paris.

No mention of decent leadership being able to deal adequately with the effects of drought in other countries and managing to keep people fed, watered and restful.  Nah, Assad’s inaction is all about the weather.

Since we’re having an amazingly strong El Niño year, and the hurricanes are on the Pacific side of North America rather than the Atlantic side, you’d think the powers that be would catch on that carbon emissions are the least of our weather problems.  But no.

Before reminding the UN environmental featherheads that there has been no appreciable global warming in years according to Climate Depot, and that NASA’s satellite data indicates that carbon accumulation is cyclical, the premise of Islamic terrorists being “rebuked” with a climate change conference…is anyone else with an ounce of sense speechless?

Are there magic mushrooms in the land of rainbows and unicorns?  Honestly, the leftist morons who are supposedly running the planet don’t seem to WANT to see that the terrorists currently ripping into the world in the name of Allah don’t particularly give a rat’s backside for the environment.  Otherwise they would not be selling petrochemicals for profit.  Or blowing things up.  Or burying their victims in shallow graves.

But that isn’t the thrust of this particular Climate Change Conference.  No, showing the Islamic terrorists, good muslims, as one former practitioner explains, that the developed world rebukes them with a carbon capping treaty that they won’t be signing, have to honor, or otherwise acknowledge.  However, we are assured that the halt in less than one degree rise in temperature planet wide will make for a more peaceful people everywhere.  None of us will be nearly so hot.  (Have these people never lived through a midwestern summer?  No, we’re not in the jungle, but six straight weeks of heat emergency is not uncommon.)

140 of the world’s “leaders” are expected to attend the Paris Climate Change Conference in the midst of heavy security put into place due to Islamic terrorism.  And who is afraid of who, exactly?  The UN and assorted nations might be trying to show the Islamic terrorists who is boss, but really, they’re bringing rainbows to a gun fight.

More on the Climate Change Show later.

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