Tyrannical Obama Continues War on Religion


People whom Catholic Charities serves.

President Barack Obama is making war on religion again.

He is again pushing the LGBT agenda again—this time by requiring any organization getting federal grants to hire LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people despite the charity’s religious objections.

According to a federal government source leaking information to the Friday Fax, the White House is stealthily moving its plan to further champion its homosexual agenda, One News Now reports.

“The policy change is linked to an executive order President Obama issued last July that prohibits federal contractors from discriminatory hiring practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” the Center for Family and Human Rights(C-Fam) reports. “Faith-based groups were already wrestling with that order.”

Liberty Counsel says the president’s order attempted to circumnavigate religious protections intended by Congress.

“[The order was focused on] requiring federal contractors to provide what Congress refused to pass, namely civil rights status for sexual behavior or subjective gender identity.” Liberty Counsel states. “Now, Obama is reportedly adding the ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ mandate to humanitarian groups which receive federal grants, as well.”

Last Christmas Eve, the Obama administration notified charities working refugee children entering this country that they must include sexual and reproductive health services, including contraception and abortion.

Last July, President Obama’s executive order forbidding federal contractors from discriminating in the hiring of persons identifying as lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transgender—did not exempt religious organizations. At the time of the announcement two bishop-chairmen with the U.S. Catholic Bishop’s Conference blasted the edict, calling it “unprecedented and extreme and should be opposed.”

The rule is coming fast and furious for faith-based groups serving many disadvantaged people globally. If they want to keep their programs going, they may have to sue the government under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, costing them time and money.

The implications of the Obama administration’s attack on the religious freedoms of faith-based groups are said to be far-reaching.

“Faith-based organizations are providing assistance in communities across America, such as adoption, youth centers, child care and development programs, youth counseling, shelter and much more,” Liberty Counsel explains. “Not only will Christian youth programs be required to hire homosexuals, the facilities will be required to open housing, locker rooms and restrooms to people of the opposite sex who subjectively say they are the opposite of their obvious biological sex.”

Liberty Counsel — a Christian legal organization with attorneys working out of the nation’s capital — contends that under the Obama administration, the government is now in the business of putting religious groups out of business.

“Christian organizations cannot offer biblical counseling and, at the same time, hire people who do not follow the Bible and their doctrinal positions on human sexuality,” Liberty Counsel contends. “Ultimately, this LGBT regulation is going to cause irreparable harm to the children and the needy.”

The United States is fast becoming another atheistic socialist state, like the old Soviet Union, or a fascist reich, under Obama’s skillful guidance. Unless Americans fight back hard, we’re going to wake one day in internment camps for political re-education. Hitler moved incrementally.

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