Two Minutes On Why Any Religion Is Better Than Islam

Islam will dominate

Dr. Bill Warner’s videos have been featured in this space for some time.  Each and every one of them is short, easy to digest lessons on everyday Islam and why we should not fall for the propaganda of Islam being a religion of peace and that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims.

Today’s lesson is on why “any religion is better” than Islam.  In this short video, Dr. Warner gives us the talking points we need to dispel the notion that all religions are created equal to those who would repeat the mantra.


To recap, Islam is not an ideal religion on which to build a civilization because:

  • Even atheists believe in the Golden Rule, “love your neighbor as yourself” which, of course, is actually the second half of the Great Commandment from Scripture in at least a dozen locations.  Muhammad did not discriminate when attacking neighbors.  He went after anyone and everyone who was not Muslim.  That does not make for a peaceful society.
  • When it comes to law, western civilization is based on Natural Law which flows from God…and to an extent some leftover pagan notions that are still hanging around.  However, these laws are the Golden Rule manifested.  In Islam, they are strict adherents to Sharia Law which dictates what not just believers can do, but non-believers, and none of that has anything to do with love or freedom.
  • Unlike those who question and fall away from other faiths, Muslim apostates are killed and murder is justified.  None of the rest of us would be if we fell away from our faiths, and our murders most assuredly not justified.

As for Geert Wilders, the Dutch expert on Islam was actually the keynote speaker at Pam Geller’s Muhammad cartoon event in Garland, Texas.  His speech can be viewed in its entirety here.  As for his comments that Judeo-Christian society is superior to Islam, perhaps that comment resembled this passage from his Restoration Weekend address in Palm Beach, Florida, on November 15, 2014:

In Europe we have made a terrible mistake. During the past decades, our politicians foolishly allowed millions of Islamic immigrants to settle within our borders.
Everywhere the Islamic culture was welcomed as an enrichment.
Nowhere the demand was made that the immigrants assimilate.

Not a single European leader had the guts to state the obvious and tell the truth: our Western culture based on Christianity, Judaism an Humanism, is far superior to the Islamic culture and immigrants have to adopt our values.
And now, we in Europe are paying the price for this folly. Islam is eating away our Judeo-Christian and humanist civilization and replacing it with intolerance, hatred and violence. And our so-called leaders allow it.

Would that more politicians have the intestinal fortitude to say such things.

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