Watch! Trump Announces His Plan for Syrian Refugees in America, and it’s Causing an Uproar!



Most Republicans have given the same plan when asked about the Syrian refugee crisis. They say they’re open to allowing more refugees in, as long as there is a solid system in place to be sure they aren’t terrorists. Donald Trump, however, took a different route.

In a speech in New Hampshire Wednesday night, Trump said that if elected president, he will deport all Syrian refugees.

“They could be ISIS, I don’t know. This could be one of the great tactical ploys of all time. A 200,000-man army, maybe. That could be possible”, Trump said.

Not only is Trump correct, ISIS has confirmed it! An ISIS operative claimed some 4,000 fighters were already waiting in Europe, intent on fulfilling ISIS’s repeated threats to stage attacks around the globe.

So as much as the liberal media is attacking Trump for this, keep in mind that he is thinking of our national security. After 7 years of a president who has put America’s safety on the back burner, it’s refreshing to hear someone fight for the AMERICAN people for once.