Obama Spends More on New Amnesty Plan for Illegals While Cutting Help for American Vets!



The schools in your hometown won’t be worried about the education of American citizen students.  They have a priority to issue amnesty to the numerous illegal kids who get dumped into our classrooms every day of the school year.  That’s right!

The left-leaning Dept of Education is pushing DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals which came about from the” Executive Order of the Day” by Obama.  The document, which was released on Tuesday, also urges schools to provide welcoming environments for illegal alien students by hosting events such as “Undocumented Week.”

Under a section entitled “DACA Consideration Fact Sheet,” the agency encourages educators to inform illegal aliens of the DACA program, which Obama enacted by executive action in 2012.  The 880,000 kids which were brought across our border will be catered to by Dept. of Ed. teachers and staff so these illegals will go to college on our dime.

DACA documents is a renewal of protected status under Obama’s age level law.  In other words, amnesty.  The Obama Administration hopes to get as many as 1.5 million or more of illegal kids under the law to be protected and educated by the taxpayer.

Yet, the Dept. of Military Defense was recently denied additional spending by, guess who?

President Obama has vetoed the annual defense spending bill, which is effectively a vote to shut down the U.S. military while the Islamo-nazis, Russia and China are on the move. The bill would’ve boosted pay and benefits for the brave men and women in the military. Obama’s veto is because the proposed budget won’t increase domestic spending.

According to Obama’s idiocy, he wants to bring in and educate the poor illegal aliens but leaves our Military behind without as much as a penny for them.  What a tyrannic trader he is.  As much as I love children, allowing them to be dumped on our nation and not sent back to where they came from is terrible and wrong! What about Americans?  What about our Military? What about our 18 trillion dollar debt that he ran up while in office?  What about our American children’s  future?

Where’s it going to end?  Obama keeps bringing on more baggage than we should have to carry.  The Defense Dept. gets screwed this year, but Illegal alien’s future looks bright and clear.  Pathetic!

The day can’t  come soon enough until he leaves office.  God help the next President who’s left with Barack Hussein’s trail of destruction!