Top Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Investigated For Embezzlement, She Pins The Blame On….



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Yes, my readers, it is time for some official dirty nose rubbing!  Turns out that Huma Abedin, wife of the perpetual Democratic joke, Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, was investigated by the Feds for embezzlement. From The Washington Times:

Ms. Abedin, who served as a deputy chief of staff to Mrs. Clinton from 2009 to late 2012, told investigators she hadn’t noticed she had received a $33,000 lump sum payment — about a third of which investigators determined was improper — when she left the State Department.

She suggested her husband, the disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, failed to let her know.

“My husband handles all the finances in our household,” she told investigators during a recorded interview in October 2014.

She said she only learned of the payment after being contacted by investigators two years after her departure. “I did ask my husband to look up our bank statements, and we did have a deposit,” she said during her interview.

Wonder what else held disgraced Congresscritter Weiner’s, uh, attention.  Hmm….  But that’s not all.  See that huge lump sum included the cashing out of Abedin’s vacation when she went from State Department employee to being a contract worker or special employee or whatever her Hillary crony special title was.  Turns out, Huma never filed out the form to take vacation.

She also acknowledged it was likely she did not fill out the required form when she went on a two-week vacation to Europe in 2011 while she was pregnant — a trip she called a “Babymoon” in emails and her interview.

The failure to file the form resulted in her having excessive vacation time cashed out to her in the lump payment upon leaving government, investigators concluded.

“You are 100 percent right on the Babymoon. I don’t recall. One hundred percent right. I don’t recall filling out any paperwork saying I was taking leave,” she told the investigators. “I’m not even going to blame it on my pregnancy brain.”

The State Department’s inspector general formally concluded that Ms. Abedin failed to correctly submit multiple required time sheet and leave forms covering her vacation and maternity leave, resulting in an overpayment of $10,674.32 that she wasn’t entitled to receive when she left her job.

Pregnancy brain would be a better excuse than the real one.  See, she had a “timekeeper” filling out her forms for her. Workaholic that she supposedly is, such details were just beneath her attention.

According to the Washington Times, this has all be known for weeks and State’s Inspector General and the FBI have decided not to pursue the matter.

After 15 months of extensive document-gathering and interviews, the IG submitted the case for review by the Justice Department public integrity division, which declined to prosecute Ms. Abedin. The “alleged violations” cited were improperly requesting and approving annual leave and “embezzlement,” the documents state.

“The case was not declined based on the merits of the investigation,” stated the final investigative report, dated Jan. 26.

Such a designation usually means federal prosecutors decided not to pursue a case, but only because they didn’t think it worth the resources, not because the facts and evidence couldn’t support a case.

There also seems to be no intent to defraud the government.  More or less what the feds concluded was that to prosecute Abedin would cost more than that $10,674.32 that Huma and Carlos Danger could just pay back.

But seriously, what government employee, regular or special, has a “timekeeper” to blame for not filling out vacation requests?

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