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To The Girly-Men Out There: No, You Are NOT Having Periods


Some humans are veterans of combat.  We generally call them men.  Some humans are veterans of the menstrual wars.  They are, by definition, women, and usually every 26-30 days, we turn into different creatures.  It’s not really our fault.  It’s the condition we were born with, and it is absolutely no fun.  (And, no, drugs don’t help the whole situation, no matter how much in the way of pain killers we pop.)

So, when a British researcher, Dr. Jed Diamond, started looking into “Irritable Male Syndrome,” he discovered a bunch of girly men – 26% – who seem to think that their possible sympathy pains for the suffering of their women is some sort of “male period.”

As part of a study of 2,412 people (50pc men and 50pc women), male participants were asked if they frequently suffered the same common side effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that women experience during their menstrual cycle, including tiredness, cramps and increased sensitivity.

No mention of water gain, anemia associated with iron loss, sleeplessness, migraines, swollen and sore boobs, can’t get comfortable, wearing black all the time for practical reasons, a combination of overeating and then being halfway nauseous, cravings that have no explanation, increased bathroom trips in the last week of the cycle as the swollen womb starts to press on the bladder (just like actual pregnancy), inexplicable desire, the indescribable sensations in body parts better left not discussed in a “family” publication….  Sorry, guys, but the real thing is a lot worse than some sort of mamby-pamby “man period.”

Men identified several PMS-related symptoms as indicators of their ‘man periods’, from constant hunger to general irritability.

Increased cravings, tiredness and a “bloated” feeling were also reported, with 12 pc confessing that they were “more sensitive about personal weight”. 5pc of respondents even reported suffering from “menstrual cramps”.

Without the proper organs to swell up and actually do the contracting to expel the lining of the uterus, that’s pretty doubtful.  For a lot of us girls, the bloating is actually gas cramps that do go away when it is expelled.  And the weight gain is, many times, water retention.  After all, the period is a woman’s body recognizing that it is not pregnant and ridding itself of the natural preparation to carry a baby for nine months, or 40 weeks, or whatever the medical people are calling the human gestational term these days.  A little hunger and irritability does not compare.

According to Dr. Diamond’s research, a lot of the women involved with the men who think they have some sort of “period” recognize that they do go through a hormonal cycle that turns them into irritable bears.  Fair enough, but calling it a period is not an apples to apples comparison.  Until the guys have learned how to use disposable feminine hygiene products, they have no idea what women go through all for the luck of being one of God’s special creatures made to carry and birth the next generation.  And that goes doubly for the transgender people who are actually trying to pass themselves off as women.  If men had to go through it, there would be a cure.

In the meantime, guys, lay off the tofu and other soy related foods with phytoestrogens and eat some meat, dammit.  We girls need men in our lives, not whatever is described in Dr. Diamond’s research.

H/T – Allahpundit who put it in perspective: “It’s not clear from the story if men are experiencing these symptoms regularly or monthly, which seems like an important distinction when hypothesizing about a “man period.” Everyone feels bloated, irritable, and depressed from time to time, i.e. “regularly.” I root for the New York Jets; I feel that way pretty much every weekend.

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