They Deploy To Protect Our Kids… Washington Do Your Job And Protect Theirs!

image Those who have ever deployed know how hard it is to say goodbye. It all begins on that first day. They begin counting the days until they see their family again. They spend months, even years, away from family and friends. These men and women deploy to serve, and protect this nation. We owe it to them to protect their kids while they’re out protecting ours. To lead is to protect and there isn’t much leadership going on in Washington. Every day our border is left unsecure we invite danger into our home.

The strength of this country is the economy and its people. If harm comes to anyone’s child all the money in the world won’t save our politicians. There are 350 million people who love this country and will do anything to protect their kids. We come in every color, race, and religion. If anyone brings harm to our kids we will stand as one. Washington has to put a stop to the people who are destroying us from within. There are politicians that don’t like what this country stands for, and they want to change it. Let the men and women who serve know we have their back. So when they return home, it’s as safe as when they left it. God Bless each and everyone,  Shep  Please click image and join #Marines4Truth  image