The WHO Wants To Regulate Dessert Advertising And Access For Children

Dessert ad

Move over Michelle Obama.  The World Health Organization is working on guidelines – voluntary, of course – to regulate what foods can be marketed to children.

The World Health Organization (WHO) developed a “European nutrient profile” to be used by countries in order to ban the marketing of desserts. The “Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Programme in the Division of Noncommunicable Diseases and the Lifecourse at the WHO Regional Office for Europe” developed the model.

“This model is designed for use by governments for the purposes of restricting food marketing to children,” the report said.

Because, apparently, parents aren’t properly doing the job of educating their children on nutritious eating.  What would the WHO like to see banned in communications?

Banned without exception are pastries, croissants, cookies, sponge cakes, wafers, fruit pies, sweet buns, chocolate covered biscuits, cake mixes, and batters.

The list goes on: “Chocolate and other products containing cocoa; white chocolate; jelly, sweets and boiled sweets; chewing gum and bubble gum; caramels; liquorice sweets; spreadable chocolate and other sweet sandwich toppings; nut spreads, including peanut butter; cereal, granola and muesli bars; marzipan.”

Advertising for ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice pops, sorbets, and energy drinks would also be banned.

“The list is not exhaustive and may be added to when used nationally,” the report said.

WHOA! there, Tex.  Looks like the WHO is going to try to take the concept of forfeiting freedom when it comes to marketing food products to a whole new level.  Notice that there is no ban or mention of man-made chemicals, fillers or sugars, just advertising the final product. To top it off, the WHO has the restaurant industry in their sights:

The model would also apply to restaurant advertising, in which case every menu item featured would have to meet the necessary nutrition qualifiers.

Oh, come on.  Every now and then homemade praline ice cream just hits the spot.  There’s a place in St. Louis’ Central West End that makes it.

It seems that there are a number of countries in Europe that do have their own restrictions on food advertising.  That’s up to them and their people.  However, for a non-government body to develop food advertising guidelines that it will push for all countries to use eventually (the goal in Europe appears to be by 2020) is meddling – not all that unlike the proposed nanny state U.S. Department of Agriculture American eating guidelines.  And they are trying to figure out how to make it happen:

The WHO held an “expert meeting” in December 2013 on “necessary steps” followed by “in-country pilot testing.”

The “nutrient profiling” model the WHO ultimately chose was based upon a Norwegian model and one created by the “Danish Forum of Responsible Food Marketing Communication.”

The Danes are the people that famously outlawed one of the ingredients that makes their signature pastry so tasty.  Oh, yeah.  That’s who ordinary people would want to follow when it comes to regulating food.

So, there we have it.  The nanny state do-gooders and sugar nazis are working to further regulate food advertising to children.  For their own good, you know

H/T – Jazz Shaw at HotAir

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