The Things That Never Happen…

imageHow many times in your life have you said yeah right that will never happen. Over fifty years ago JFK said one day we will land on the moon. How many said yeah right that will never happen. Well with one small step it did happen. Who would have thought the unsinkable Titanic would sink. If you would have told anyone those hijackers were going to crash those planes. They were going to crash into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. The day before we would have said you are crazy that will never happen. Well, I don’t need to remind anyone that it did happen.

Al Qaeda advertises their wish to completely destroy this country. They also want to kill every American to include those in Washington. Let’s face it the Russians had KGB that lived in Washington. Al Qaeda has Intel throughout this country and food costs money. Someone is paying their rent and buying their food. They will not hit us the same way twice. They are not stupid and should never be underestimated. So many times I hear, “Shep they would be stupid to attack us” that will never happen. That’s exactly what they want you to think. This is not another attack, it’s a full-scale war. A First Sergeant once told me, “Shep you never win a war, you just agree to stop fighting.” He also told me if you can think it they probably already have. So while many of us are saying that will never happen. They are making plans for it to happen.

I know it’s a lot easier to tell yourself, he’s crazy that will never happen. I pray everyday that I never wake up to be right. My greatest wish is that our grandchildren are able to study history in school. I pray they talk about how we stopped this war. How we stopped it before it ever happened?  Why do we wait for bad things to happen before we do anything to prevent those things from happening? Hope for the best, expect the worst, and prepare for the things that never happen. May God bless each and every one of you… Semper Fi, Shep