The Saga Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails Just Took A Jog


Okay, sports fans, for those out there who had “the Hillary Clinton email probe is going to go nowhere” in the lottery, yeah, you might want to think about writing off the loss.  The investigation found ANOTHER private company hired by the Clintons, or people who were hired to do work for them, that helped out when Hillary Clinton left office and needed to figure out what to do with all those emails.  From The Washington Post:

The FBI’s probe into the security of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s e-mail has expanded to include a second private technology company, which said Tuesday it plans to provide the law enforcement agency with data it preserved from Clinton’s account…

Datto [Inc of Connecticut] was hired to provide backups for the Clinton e-mail accounts starting in May 2013 by Platte River Networks, the Colorado-based tech firm hired earlier that year by the Clinton family to manage the system after Hillary Clinton concluded her term as secretary.

So, there was a backup after all.  Well, isn’t that interesting.  The FBI’s investigation centers pretty strictly around the amount of classified information that was transmitting via the private server, hence their interest.  However, the Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Ron Johnson, got the ball rolling with a letter to Datto inquiring as to the company’s security clearance.

Naturally, given Kevin McCarthy’s gaffe (moreso than a Freudian slip) last week, the Clinton campaign and the democrats at large are calling foul and political witch hunt.  The problem is that the deeper this investigation goes, the more twists and turns it takes that are turning what should have been a simple search through State Department computers into an amazingly long, drawn out investigation with mentions of a number of federal crimes possibly committed.

What this particular avenue of investigation unearths may not be much more than has already been found, but that doesn’t change the reality that Hillary Clinton had complete control of her electronic communications while she was Secretary of State and broke a number of laws pertaining to classified information.

And the FBI is investigating along with the Justice Department and a couple Congressional Committees…and no one has said a word about the routers.  Okay, well, stay tuned.  As Hillary’s Email Turns will be back for another plot twist.  That much is guaranteed.

For another take on this episode of servergate, please read Jazz Shaw over at HotAir.

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