The Numbers Are In! Guess What Happened Since Maine Put Restrictions on Welfare?



Democrats love to promise “free” stuff in return for votes, but intelligent Americans know that using taxpayer money to take care of people really just ends up hurting the country. We have become dependent as a nation on using government as a safety net. Women are having children they can’t afford because they know that that welfare will pay for them. In some states, a single mother can receive $50,000- $60,000 in government benefits. So why even work?

Maine’s Republican Gov. Paul LePage caught on to this scam and cared enough about the taxpayers in his state to do something about it. He made some serious changes to welfare eligibility, requiring single adults ages 18-24 to work at least 20 hours a week, volunteer 1 hour a day or attend classes to keep their benefits beyond three months. Plus, if they have more than $5,000 in assets, they are removed from the welfare rolls.

So did Maine residents become homeless and have to sleep on newspaper and live in cardboard boxes? NO, THEY GOT JOBS!

Not only did welfare enrollment drop to a six year low from 255,663 to 199,157, but unemployment dropped as well.  Maine’s unemployment rate in August 2015 was at 4.5 percent, a full 1 percent lower than it was in December 2014, just after LePage won re-election as governor. It’s amazing what can happen when you make people get jobs and take care of themselves.

LePage went on Facebook to share the good news, writing: “According to federal statistics at Federal Nutrition Service (FNS), Maine ranked first in the nation for its reduction in food stamp dependency in 2014.”

Commissioner of the Dept. of Health and Human services Mary Mayhew said that tougher requirements for welfare have led to more Mainers supporting themselves.

“These welfare programs should be a temporary form of assistance. We should always be striving to help people back on to that pathway of employment to help support themselves on that next step,” said Mayhew.

The US Census Bureau  shows that over 1/3rd of the country are on some type of government assistance, that’s 110 MILLION people! But if you even think about making cuts to these government assistance programs liberals attack saying you “hate the poor”. More Republican Governors need to follow LePage’s lead and prove to the country that depending on welfare keeps Americans poor. The only people helped by government dependent citizens (and non citizens for that matter), are Democrats.