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The Entire Country Actually Fell For The University Of Missouri Racism White Guilt Narrative

A member of the black student protest group Concerned Student 1950 gestures while addressing a crowd following the announcement that University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe would resign Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, at the university in Columbia, Mo. Wolfe resigned Monday with the football team and others on campus in open revolt over his handling of racial tensions at the school. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Man, does Mizzou’s history department have a lot of explaining to do.

Cover photo by AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Once again, the national lamestream media proves its institutional laziness.  Headlines from pundits who have never frozen their tiger tails off at Faurot Field are pontificating complete horse hockey on how blacks used white guilt to force out the University of Missouri SYSTEM president Tim Wolfe and UM-Columbia Chancellor Bowen Loftin.  Yeah, the real truth to what this was all about had nothing to do with race:

Loftin had been criticized for a decision to scale back tuition waivers for graduate assistants and strip them of their health insurance subsidies. After public outcry, Mizzou reinstated the subsidies and agreed to leave the tuition waivers in place for a year. He also came under fire after Mizzou discontinued the clinical privileges for a Planned Parenthood physician and terminated multiple relationships with different Planned Parenthood affiliates in September.

Loftin was also subject to a vote of no confidence by the faculty of the Department of Romance Languages for creating a, “climate of mistrust, miscommunication, chaos, despair, and anger.”  (Is that the department of Romance LANGUAGES or just romance?) That didn’t completely have to do with blacks raising cain for no real reason.

And then there is the little matter of the Missouri State legislature investigating the teaching hours of the faculty and staff at the university as outlined by a reporter from The Hill this morning on Fox News after he interviewed Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder. (Will find a link.)  There is a lot of waste going on, and the current system president and chancellor were trying to get expenses down.  This didn’t go over well at all, as one of the messages from the faculty, staff and students started shouting about needing an educator at the top of the pyramid instead of a bean counter.

Amazing how the national media people – and all the “experts” claiming the whole disaster is stemming form Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter Soros induced social upheaval – never bothered to consider this angle.  THIS IS ABOUT USING RACE TO GET RID OF THE PEOPLE WHO CUT THE BUDGETS.  Facts are facts.  This writer said it yesterday, the hunger strike by graduate student Jonathan Butler just happened to come about not even a day after the system announced the demise of the School of Public Policy and Administration on the UM St. Louis campus, plus a whole lot more cuts.  The other two campuses in the system – UM Kansas City and UM Science and Technology (Rolla) – have been more quiet, but their budgets have been cut as well.

It’s that simple.  State budget fights, especially when it’s a Republican state legislature going up against a Democratic governor (who wasn’t so partisan when he was Attorney General) aren’t all that sexy these days.  But race wars are.  No one wants to hear about money other than the people at the top make six figure salaries, and how dare they when they are public servants.  To top it off, there has been a cozy relationship between state and local government and the universities, and that seems to be diminishing in a tighter fiduciary environment.  In Missouri, though, the Board of Curators for the University System is pretty much a political tool.  The governor appoints them.  Anyone want to guess, then, why the body all of sudden sees the need to:

Monday evening, the curators came out of a lengthy closed-door meeting to announce initiatives to be put into place over the next 90 days, including establishing a system-wide officer in charge of diversity, inclusion and equity. They are also calling for a similar position to be filled on each campus.

The curators also announced:

  • A review of all system policies relating to staff and student conduct.
  • More support for students, faculty and staff who have experienced discrimination.
  • More support for the hiring and retention of diverse faculty and staff.

The board also revealed more actions designed “to ensure effective next steps through an open communication process that invites perspective from across the system.” These include:

  • A task force on diversity, inclusion and equity that will develop strategy for the short and long term based on a review of current programs, policies and practices.

  • A leadership training and development program on diversity, inclusion and equity, which will include the curators, the president and top administrators.

  • At Mizzou, there will be mandatory diversity, including equity training for all faculty, staff and incoming students.

  • A continued review of student mental health services on the Columbia campus.

So much for cutting the budget.

This writer still has her money on some non-profit linked back to the #BlackLivesMatter funders being the conduit for all the upheaval at Mizzou, but there is an interesting twist mentioned by commenter “flyover” on the St. Louis Public Radio article linked above:

So, who is in line to take over this job: Jay Nixon or Claire McCaskill? Neither are electable in a state-wide race. If they appoint some 76 year old Bernie Sanders looking professor as a caretaker, the smart money will be on Jay. Its that darn Peter Kinder who has screwed this up. If he hadn’t won, Jay could have resigned and taken it now. Of course, Claire could resign now and Jay would get to appoint her successor–except he couldn’t appoint himself without that darn old Kinder messing it up.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Missouri politics where the university system is fair game for the Democrats, except that Republicans keep winning state-wide offices.

Race may have been the excuse to get the job done, but the truth is that the main goal was to get rid of Tim Wolfe from the University of Missouri System.  Mission accomplished.  That being said, we out here in flyover country are waiting for the other shoes to drop.

BTW, there’s a lot more when it comes to how screwed up the university finances are on a political level.  Hopefully, Kinder can get an audit going and expose more.

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