The Business Deals That May Destroy Carly Fiorina’s Presidential Run


It’s about time.  The more established of the conservative blogosphere have finally started to dig deeper on Carly Fiorina.  For so long, it’s just been Donald Trump expounding to the world about how poor her record was at Lucent and Hewlett-Packard.  Now, the really awful stuff is starting to come out on the deal making H-P did with Iran while Carly was in charge.  From Breitbart:

…during her time as the chief executive of HP, she “sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of products to Iran through a foreign subsidiary, despite strict U.S. export sanctions,” Bloomberg reports.

While running the show at HP, Fiorina thwarted sanctions by dealing with Iran through European and Middle Eastern companies, allowing for the tech company to dominate the market in Tehran. By 2007, HP-made printers accounted for 41 percent of the total market share in the country, the report states.

Fiorina’s dealings with Iran were established thanks to a 1997 agreement made between the U.S. company and the Indian-owned, Dubai-based Redington Gulf.

Carly’s answer to this?  “Didn’t know it was happening at the time.”  Ri-i-i-ght.

Fiorina’s previous dealings with Iran were brought up when she ran for the California Senate in 2010. At the time, her campaign spokeswoman denied that HP had committed any wrongdoing while she was CEO. “It is illegal for American companies to do business in Iran. To her knowledge, during her tenure, HP never did business in Iran and fully complied with all U.S. sanctions and laws,” the spokeswoman said, according to the report.

But later in the campaign, the Republican candidate changed her tone on the matter, telling the Lady Globes magazine that technology could help Iran reengage with the world. “But isn’t it wonderful that Dell PCs and Apple iPhones are in Iran, because this is why we know that a woman has been condemned to be stoned to death because she is accused of adultery… The knowledge that we gain about was going on there is important. It gives us a human face on a brutal regime,” Fiorina said.

Yes, it does, but Hewlett-Packard STILL did business in Iran when it was illegal to do so via executive order (Bill Clinton’s) even if it was through a subsidiary, and even if Apple and Dell were doing the same thing.  And when Carly Fiorina WAS in charge of HP and trying to change the place and make it profitable, Bloomberg reports that the lobbying to get the sanctions lifted was hot and heavy.

According to the Senate lobbying record, every year from 1999 to 2004, HP’s in-house lobbyists pressed Capitol Hill to pursue “unilateral sanctions reform legislation.”

Oops.  Despite the needed outlet for the women and oppressed in Iran to get the word out of their plight, while Carly Fiorina was in charge of Hewlett-Packard, the company DID skirt U.S. law by doing business inside Iran using a foreign subsidiary, and DID lobby to have the business sanctions lifted while UN Ambassador John Bolton was putting together the coalition to financially cut Iran off from the rest of the world.  To many people, that might not make much of a difference, but to the rest of us it says that Fiorina is willing to cut corners and break the law to make a buck and make herself look good.

Now the question is will that matter to the “not an establishment candidate” crowd.

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