The #Baltimore Protest Ignored By The Lame Mainstream Media

Baltimore protest

Photo from Black Westchester

If one reads the national headlines, you’d think that all of Baltimore is lying in smoldering ruins and that the young of the city are completely out of control.  In certain neighborhoods, that is true.  However, it seems that the larger protests are not violent at all, and the participants are not happy that they are being ignored.

10,000 people from across the country peacefully protested in Baltimore in support of the seeking of justice of the death of Freddie Gray. Despite the fact that 100 of the 10,000 acted up and approximately 35 people  were arrested after the peaceful protest, (that’s about 1%), much of the mainstream media used attention grabbing words in their headlines like ‘Protest Turns Destructive, (USA Today)’ ‘Scenes of Chaos In Baltimore… (NY Times), Dozens Arrested After Protest Turns Violent (WBAL TV). One website’s headlines read: 1,000 Black Rioters In Baltimore Smash Police Cars, Attack Motorists In Frenzied Protest.

Leaving aside the fact that Freddie Gray had a rap sheet longer than my arm, and that any sort of “justice” in this country happens after lengthy investigation and due process, the people demonstrating peaceful non-violence are being ignored pretty much in favor of inflammatory, yellow journalism headlines.  The reality is, thugs are using the cover of the protests to cause trouble, and loot, and do all the things that gangsta culture glorifies.  Just like what happened in Ferguson.

At this point, the main question of how did Freddie Gray’s spine was severed while he was in police custody has not been answered.  Unlike the Ferguson case where the police officer acted in self defense and that was proven despite what the #BlackLivesMatter crowd thinks, this may actually be a case of police brutality.  Spines just don’t sever.  And this does deserve attention and peaceful, non-violent protests if police brutality is involved.  And justice does need to happen.  But impatient violence doesn’t get that job done.

Peaceful protests around the death of a black man at the hands of police are being ignored.  Again.  And this time, the “we want justice” crowd might actually have a point.

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We in St. Louis can relate to the frustration of Baltimore residents.  If one depended solely on the national media for information, you’d think all of Ferguson is gone.  Well, no.  Old town wasn’t attacked at all, and the major damage is in a two block area.  The original die-in was not in Ferguson, but University City, and there is no damage at all.  Yesterday, this writer drove through the area in South St. Louis that was attacked after the second incident, and everything is quiet.

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