Tears Upon My Grave… Dedication To The Families Of Our Fallen!

image                                               This is a poem I wrote devoted to every family member who has ever lost someone… Let us never forget that freedom is not free… God Bless You All, Shep

Tears Upon My Grave

Here we are together, while you sit upon my grave.
I hear the words you tell me as I walk with you each day.
You tell me how you love me, with a wish for one more day.
You no longer see me, because God intended it that way.
My love is always with you, even as you lay upon my grave.
Your tears flow to my body, but my soul isn’t there.
I have gone to be with Father, with no need to ever cry.
You will see me in heaven, where love shall never die.

So as you sit upon my grave, and reflect upon our life.
Think of the love we share, and moments of our time.
Think of all the laughter, and think of all the joy.
I  live in your heart, seen through that twinkle in your eye.

Now with every moment, I shall forever be alive.
You will soon realize, the beauty of these lines.
I am now with Father, but my Love with you shall stay.
You have heard these words before, so believe me when I say.
It is because of each of you that I ever truly lived.
I gladly gave my life, so each of you shall live.
If you believe in me, as I believe in you.
One day there shall be a day, with no more tears upon my grave…

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