Syrian Refugees: True Crisis Or Media Driven European Invasion?

LESBOS ISLAND, GREECE - SEPTEMBER 06: Refugees flash victory sign as they pose for a selfie on the shore of Eftalou beach, north of the port city of Mytilini after crossing the Aegean from Turkey on September 06, 2015 in Lesbos Island, Greece. (Photo by Emin Menguarslan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Photo from Emin Menguarslan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Taken September 6 on Greece’s Lesbos Island…yeah, when escaping a war torn country, the one thing you want to be sure to have with you is a selfie stick.

Call some of us out here suspicious, but all those refugees from Syria sure do make for great news copy and imaging.  All those people looking to escape war torn Syria, where the “civil war” has been going on for years and anyone who stands in the way of Assad and his Russian benefactors gets leveled, flooding into Europe and guilting everyone in sight into letting them stay….

Well, some cracks in the main narrative are starting to surface.  Weaselzippers started compiling a list, specifically regarding the poster story for all the sympathy, the accidental drowning of three year old Aylan Kurdi.

  • Aylan Kurdi’s real name is Aylan Shenu.  His family is Kurdish, hence the nickname “Kurdi” which tends to stick in old world countries.  (My Spanish family had several of these.)
  • His father, Abdullah, was employed in Turkey.  That was where they lived since the child was an infant, so there was no war-torn life in his past.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that the family wanted to go to Europe so that the father in the family could get broken teeth fixed.
  • WSJ also reports that the father of the child gave two different versions of being rescued.  “Mr. Kurdi gave different accounts of what happened next. In one interview, he said he swam ashore and walked to the hospital. In another, he said he was rescued by the coast guard.”  You’d think such an event would spark consistent memories.

Hmm….  And yet the photo of the dead child cradled in a first responder’s arms is what softened a lot of hearts and let the guilt in. Remember, these people are muslims. They do drama as way of life.  It’s reprehensible that children’s lives would be risked for adult desires, but these people do believe in suicide bombing.

But, CL, the reader asks, aren’t there Christians among the refugees?  After all, they are being persecuted in the Middle East.  Yes, however, according to statistics, over 80% of the migrants headed to Germany are Muslim.  And, the Gatestone Institute reports that “Since the start of 2015,4,205 Muslims have been admitted into the U.S. from Iraq, but only 727 Christians.”  That sort of thing is happening all over the west.  No, Iraq isn’t Syria, but still why are Christians denied, and then detained as per the report?


But all those people walking to the Austrian border though Hungary sure do make for great photography, and compelling story lines.  Even worse, the big meanies in power in Hungary and Austria say the poor migrant “refugees” stay.  Being the bullies that they are, they do anyway, and essentially squat in European countries in direct violation of European Union law while on their way to Germany.  The migrants are not reporting to refugee camps like they are supposed to for fear of being deported.  Uh-huh.

It all begs the question, how much of the Syrian refugee movement is real, and how much is getting good, conscientious people to fall for the poor, economically disadvantaged line so that nominally Christian Europe will let them in?  Seriously, the number of muslims who washed up on shore with smart phones was rather stunning considering these people are supposedly looking for jobs.

And why demand to be taken to Germany, which just so happens to have the strongest economy in Europe?

Why are no muslim countries taking a single migrant?

Why are they leaving safe countries like Turkey and making the trek?

These are disturbing questions as we watch Europe overrun with muslim migrants posing as economic refugees and demanding they get their way as they march across the continent.  Is this really about being a refugee, or in the case of Aylan Kurdi, a boy?  Islamic scholar Bill Warner posted this on his Facebook page September 4.

Many won’t like what I have to say about this, but here goes.
This is a story about liberal, progressive media NOT a boy. Thousands and thousands are killed in Syria and Iraq, women are being stoned, gays are thrown off roof tops, thousands of Christians are slaughtered in the name of Islam, and not one of these stories has evoked the same response. I call this Idiot Compassion. Save 1 Muslim in the name of Millions being killed who are NOT Muslim. The Media is deciding who we will care about. My heart goes out for the boy and his family who died, but this is not about a boy. I repeat, this is about an unconscionable act by the media who is ignoring millions being persecuted. The media is choosing the wrong news to be news.

And maybe THAT should be the story…but it never will be.

Special thanks to Moonbattery for thoughts on this issue.

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