Swedes Losing Faith In Socialism And Government…FINALLY

Sweden PM

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfvan visits refugees, but not his own people who are footing the bill for him sending millions of Kroner to Turkey for relief of the “crisis.”

Every now and then the news is punctuated with information on illegal immigrants from Sweden, and the crimes they are committing on the native population.  To be blunt, they are making life a living hell for actual Swedes, and have turned what was once the model socialist country into the place that’s REALLY giving socialism a bad name.

In one way, when it comes to Sweden and their socialist paradise, you reap what you sow.  In another, their leaders aren’t any better than any of the rest of Europe’s other than Hungary, and Switzerland.  They are giving away the fruits of native Swedes’ efforts to illegals who not only take everything given without gratitude, but roam the streets raping women at will.  Nothing, apparently is done to stop them.

The Swedes – the people who put into the socialist system expecting to get something in return – are getting more and more fed up with the situation as is evidenced by information The Gatestone Institute was able to obtain.

During the last few decades, Swedes have had to get used to the government (left and right wing parties alike) prioritizing refugees and migrants above native Swedes. The high tax level (the average worker pays 42% income tax) was been accepted in the past, because people knew that if they got sick, or when they retired or otherwise needed government aid, they would get it.

Now, Swedes see the welfare system failing them. More and more senior citizens fall into the “indigent” category; close to 800,000 of Sweden’s 2.1 million retirees, despite having worked their whole lives, are forced to live on between 4,500 and 5,500 kronor ($545 – $665) a month. Meanwhile, seniors who immigrate to Sweden receive the so-called “elderly support subsidy” — usually a higher amount — even though they have never paid any taxes in Sweden.

Worse, in 2013 the government decided that people staying in the country illegally have a right to virtually free health and dental care. So while the destitute Swedish senior citizen must choose between paying 100,000 kronor ($12,000) to get new teeth or living toothless, a person who does not even have the right to stay in Sweden can get his teeth fixed for 50 kronor ($6).

No matter what one thinks of Sweden’s “socialist paradise” this is just not right.  It’s an outright betrayal of the people.  In any country without a true monarchy, the government’s money is the people’s and the government’s first priority is to the citizens.  In Sweden, that is turned upside down.  This is what the United States is facing if we allow our government to import an invasion from Syria.  (We got a stark warning about this over the weekend from a Lebanese woman.  Thanks to my colleague Lindsey Bruce for bringing her message to us.)

Even more striking in Sweden is the people’s complaining about this outright to the Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven.

“Hi Stefan. I am a 43-year-old father of four, who is trying to explain to my children, ages 6-16, what is going on in Sweden. I am sad to say that you and your party close your eyes to what is happening in Sweden. All the things that are happening [are] due to the unchecked influx from abroad. You are creating a hidden hatred in Sweden. We are dissatisfied with the way immigration is handled in Sweden, from asylum housing to school issues. And it takes so long to get a job, many people give up before they even get close. Mattias”

From a woman named “Laila”:

“Are we supposed to go outside without arming ourselves? Rape after rape occurs and no one is doing anything about it. I was born and raised in Vårby Gård, but seven years ago, we had to move because we couldn’t take the dogs out in the evenings due to the non-Europeans driving on the sidewalks. If you didn’t move out of the way, they would jump out of the car and hit you. If you called the police, they do nothing — in a suburb of Stockholm. When my brother told some of these men off, a rocket (the kind you use at New Year’s) appeared in his mailbox. You can imagine how loud the blast was. Women and girls are raped by these non-European men, who come here claiming they are unaccompanied children, even though they are grown men….

“It is easy to get weapons today, I wonder if that is what we Swedes need to do, arm ourselves to dare to go shopping. Well, now I am getting to what happened at a major department store: Two people were killed and not just killed, there is talk online of beheading.

Others say part of the problem with the Swedish government’s blindness is that they live in communities of Swedes only, places the less well to do cannot afford.  In the United States, that is part of our problem as well (says the girl who lives on a private street with gates).  People who do not live with crime and in fear as a part of life do not always realize just how debilitating it is for living.

(This private street may be private, but we’re three blocks from one of the high-crime tourist areas.  Don’t leave your cell phone on the table.)

After decades of disdain from Americans toward Sweden and vice versa for different reasons, the Swedes, honestly, are being wronged by their government, and they are slowly but surely waking up to the reality of what their “workers paradise” has become and done to them.  Hopefully, we in the United States can use this example for something other than a punching bag, because the little people in Sweden are just as betrayed by their government as we have been by ours.

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