“State Of The Union” In The Real World? It Sucks!

image                                      President Obama addresses the country every year with the historic State of the Union address. We don’t need him telling us the State of the Union because we know it sucks! We know our border is wide open as the danger keeps marching in. Politicians smile and give the president unwarranted applause while this nation grows weaker because of treason at the top. We watch elected officials get health care for life as the people down here just fight to get by with Obamacare. Corrupt politicians give our hard earned money away, while their own citizens are homeless, and perish in the streets. Our children go hungry while dreamers from other countries are fed and have warm places to stay.

Every election they say they are fighting for us, but after the election, they prove that was a lie! They don’t make decisions in the interest of America. They cast their vote in the interest of the highest paying lobbyists. Our president is more concerned with protecting the feelings of Islam than he is protecting his own people. Swaps a traitor for five terrorist but didn’t lift a finger to save ambassador Stevens. He would rather shake hands with an athlete than stand in Paris with the world against terror.

The enemy is being released from Guantanamo Bay at alarming rates. The enemy gets stronger while we grow weaker. It is time to stop blaming Obama and start blaming the cowards who are afraid of him. We need to start looking at all the politicians who take the oath one day and disappear for another four years. They think out of sight and out of mind. Well if harm comes to this nation there won’t be anywhere for them to hide. Until we take our balls back this State of the Union will continue to get worse. God bless each of you and may He always bless this Nation.