Sexy New Fashion Will Have Men Rushing To Stores


men It’s all the new rage! It’s the new ‘must have’ for all the men out there!

Or is it?

The newest fashion ‘craze’ is the eco-friendly crocheted shorts. They are made from recycled afghans.

Hmmm, this is the new sexy?

Ladies, would you LOVE to see your man in these?


Men, would you dare to wear them?

Here’s what Etsy shop Lord von Schmitt has to say about their designs:

“Afghan blankets are original pieces of folk art, hand made by artisans across America since the 1960’s and well before. With scissors and a sewing machine I transform vintage crochets into wearable sculpture!”

Ladies, don’t worry! You can get a pair and match your man! That way you can both be publicly humiliated together!

No joke, they are really selling these. The question is, will people buy them?

Would you?