Seven Books To Leave Behind In Liberal Neighbors Little Libraries


Okay, my fellow American conservatives, I have a stealth project for you sure to infuriate any and every liberal who likes to read.  It’s pretty harmless and one that all good people who value truth should enjoy.

You know those “little libraries” that are popping up in suburban yards?  The ones that say things on them like “take a book, return a book”?  Not to take anything away from the fine pastime of reading (I’m a bookworm, actually), but it’s time to infiltrate them with conservative commentary.  It would be easy to just leave behind The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, The Federalist Papers or anything by Rush Limbaugh.  No, for this project, we must be creative.  When taking a book, consider “returning” one of these:



Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg is fairly dense as political commentary goes, but it is very witty, very well researched and proves that liberals really are fascists even if they call conservatives so.

Decision Points

Decision Points by President George W. Bush – Not the most eloquent reading, but it explains a lot and gives fascinating details behind some of the toughest decisions of the man’s life.  Given that liberals hate W for no other reason than the mainstream media told them he was stupid, this book will drive them insane proving that he isn’t.


How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must) by Ann Coulter – Title is self-explanatory.

The Ruling Class

The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It by Angelo M. Codevilla – Interesting sociological study on the people who actually run things in America, and who are most interested in maintaining their own power moreso than any sort of loyalty to the people.  Both Democrats and Republicans fall into this camp no matter what the liberals say.

politically incorrect guide soialism


The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism by Kevin Williamson – Yes, liberals still think the Communist Manifesto masquerading as socialism is cool.  Kevin explains what really happens when a country goes communist, I mean socialist.


The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek – For the liberal who is also an intellectual, this tome from the mid-20th century provides a highly philosophical look at state control of production.  Meant to be a refutation of Eleanor Roosevelt and all the salon set had to offer, Hayek demonstrates how state control turns into true fascism.


The Anatomy of Revolution by Crane Brinton – Brilliant comparison and contrast of the four major revolutions of the last four hundred years.  All had one thing in common and it had more to do with the upper middle class being over burdened than peasant uprisings.  This book is not a an easy read, but since liberals tell us they are so smart they should be able to handle it.

The list is by no means exhaustive.  There are books written by Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Phyllis Schlafly, Larry Elder, Charles Krauthammer, Rand Paul, and so many others that will do the trick.  Feel free to be creative.  Just understand that you many never get the book back.  It’s a small price to pay for being generous in the Christian sense of correcting your fellow man.  No one has to know it was you.

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Cultural Limits
A resident of Flyover Country, Cultural Limits is a rare creature in American Conservatism - committed to not just small government, Christianity and traditional social roles, but non-profits and high arts and culture. Watching politics, observing human behavior and writing are all long-time interests. In her other life, CL writes romance novels under her nom de plume, Patricia Holden (@PatriciaHoldenAuthor on Facebook), and crochets like a mad woman (designs can be found on Facebook @BohemianFlairCrochet and on Pinterest on the Bohemian Flair Crochet board). In religion, CL is Catholic; in work, the jill of all trades when it comes to fundraising software manipulation and event planning; in play, a classically trained soprano and proud citizen of Cardinal Nation, although, during hockey season, Bleeds Blue. She lives in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley with family and two cute and charming tyrants...make that toy dogs.

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